The venue Rheda-Wiedenbrück is a very lively and modern commune with two historic town centres. In both of them the streets and alleys are framed with nicely restored half-timbered houses that are decorated with beautiful flowers. The thousand-year-old Wiedenbrück alone offers more than 200 listed buildings which make an event out of every walk through town. Rheda, which has been much affected by the Calvinists, also tells many stories from old times through its narrow alleyways and Ackerbürger-houses. Certainly worth seeing is the noble castle Schloß Rheda with its baroque rose-garden that especially in summer is a real feast for the eyes. Both parts of town are connected by an extensive, close to nature parkway that encloses a little stream, the Ems.

Within a radius of two hours' driving there are living more than 20 million people. The Rhineland and Ruhr are basically right outside the door and the neighbouring country (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg) is also very accessible by well-developed motorways.

Arrival by train: Visitors of the fair who arrive by train need to exit at the Station at Rheda. On both days of the fair, a charge-free bus shuttle is driving from the station forecourt to the A2-Forum and back.

Arrival by plane: The regional airports Münster/Osnabrück, Paderborn/Lippstadt and Dortmund can be reached within 45 minutes and easily connect the town to destina-tions all over the world. There are trains driving from Düsseldorf Inter-national Airport to the station at Rheda nearly every hour (either directly or with a change of trains in Hamm).

Arrival by car: Rheda-Wiedenbrück is easily accessible from every direction through well-developed motorways: the town is set directly next to the A2 Dortmund-Hannover. The right exit is Rheda. From then on just follow the signs to the A2 Forum. There are parking spaces right next to the venue.