Rheda-Wiedenbrück is a very lively commune that developed from two once independent cities. It offers many other interesting places worth seeing in addition to the 1zu12-miniatures' fair: romantic alleyways framed by half-timbered houses give the town centres their unmis-takable ambiance.
The park of castle Schloss Rheda and its baroque rose garden are open for public and are a real feast for the eyes especially in early summer, and Wiedenbrück offers many nice and small retail stores for a shopping spree. Both cities have a hospitable ambiance, which intensifies on a warm summer's night with its cosy beer gardens, ice cream parlours and restaurant-terraces.
The broad, close to nature parkway connects the parts of the town and invites visitors to take an extended walk in the meadows of the Ems. There are also many adventu-rous places for kids, for example on one of the water-playgrounds or a big climbing frame. All in all, it is exactly the right place for the whole family to take a mini-holiday around the miniatures' fair.

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