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Exhibitors 2024 (last update: May 12, 2024)

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1zu12 - Das Magazin, Barbara Leuchtenberger, Marblicksweg 67, 59555 Lippstadt, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)2941 810980, e-mail: info@1zu12.com, Internet: www.1zu12.com - German trade magazine for the miniatures and dollhouse hobby.

1001Miniatur, Dagmar Ritter, Karl-Marx-Straße 15, 16548 Glienicke, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)33056 780846, e-mail: dagmar.ritter@1001miniatur.de, Internet: www.1001Miniatur.de - The new doll's house magazine 1001 Miniatur, which was first published in March 2024.

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Pascal Adam, 12, La Duquesnerie, 50690 Martinvast, France; Tel. +33 (0)2 33 535610, Mobil +33 (0)6 04001133, e-mail: pascal.adam1@orange.fr, Internet: www.miniartadampascal.blogspot.com - Handmade furniture and decorative accessories as well as store room boxes, also scaled 1/24.

Angelika Mannersdorfer Miniaturen-Puppendesign,
Vaihinger Straße 33, 75417 Mühlacker, Germany; Tel.+49 (0)7042 16544, e-mail: kontakt@mannersdorfer.de, Internet: www.mannersdorfer.de - Handmade character- and fantasy-dolls from porcelain, 1:12 unique pieces, exclusive nostalgic baby carriages, baby toys and cupcakes. - Fair Special

Angie’s Miniaturen, Angelika Spring, Gääliweg 9, 6026 Rain, Switzerland; Tel. +41 (0)412 600582, e-mail: a@angiesminiaturen.ch, Internet: www.angiesminiaturen.ch – Babies and children of the world, modeled from porcelain (unique pieces and small series) as well as baby articles from own production.

Annelies de Kort-Miniaturen, Platenmakersstraat 129, 6661 HM Elst, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0) 481 371 833, e-mail: pan.dekort@planet.nl, Internet: https://miniaturenannelies.nl - Knitted and embroidered miniatures 1:12, 1:48 and 1:144; fine knitting wool and needles, pattern books and knitting instructions (also in German and English), collector's edition: teapot caps.

Arjen Spinhoven Miniaturen, Arjen Spinhoven, Oudaenstraat 18, 2985VN Ridderkerk, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)624820191, e-mail: info@arjenspinhoven.nl, Internet: www.arjenspinhoven.nl - Laser cut furniture kits scaled 1:12 and 1:24, matching various style periods including medieval, art deco and art nouveau. - Workshop No. 1: Display Cabinet

Volker Arnold, Klingenberger Straße 6, 01187 Dresden, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)351 2813602, Mobile: +49 (0)1523 3756937, e-mail: vasaw@gmx.de, Internet: www.va-holzkunst.de  - Wooden miniatures, as craft sets or already assembled and partly painted, in scales from 1:12 to 1:4000, traditional Christmas and Easter decorations, toys, decorative items and doll furniture. Demonstrations at the table. - Fair Special

artofmini.com, Janny Warnaar, Hauptstraße 51, 26835 Neukamperfehn, Germany; Tel +49 (0)4946 8989663, e-mail: info@artofmini.com, Internet: www.artofmini.com - All kinds of special, nostalgic and elegant dolls house DIY-kits and miniatures (e.g. Victorian or Shabby Chic) from own designs or international artists. - Fair Special

NEW: Astrid Wilk Studio, Astrid Wilk, Vödestraße 50, 44625 Herne, Germany; e-mail: astridwilkstudio@web.de, Internet: www.astridwilk.de – Exquisite, detailed indoor plants made of polymer clay in artist quality (hand-modeled unique pieces and small series).

Atelier Bibian, Angelique Miltkau, Bentstreeker Straße 6, 26446 Friedeburg, Germany; e-mail: miltkau@gmail.com, Internet: www.miltkau.com – Furnier-Böden und Edelholz-Möbel – alles aus eigener Werkstatt. - Fair Special

Atelier Little Magic, Nadine Claes, Oude Godstraat 158, 2650 Edegem, Belgium; e-mail: little.magic@telenet.be - Exclusive miniatures for ladies and gentlemen, unique furniture and miniatures for store fittings and Jacominis kits. Specialty: richly filled, lovely decorated cupboards. - Fair Special

Atelier Valckenier, Ingeborg Landers, Hearewei 7, 8855 AZ Sexbierum, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)642 562557, e-mail: ingeborglanders@gmail.com - Oil paintings, worked as replicas as well as own designs. Specialty: portraits of people and animals. 

Atelje Lilla Hjärtat, Anne Erlandsson-Foss, Box 167, 47519 RöRö, Sweden; Tel. +46 (0)702251130, e-mail: atelje.lilla.hjartat@gmail.com , Instagram: @hiereochgreta – Flowers and plants, weathered books, letters and magazines, photo albums and photographs, complete desk sets and Christmas decorations.

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Bea's Miniaturen Manufaktur, Beatrix Sachse, Hauptstraße 90, 73240 Wendlingen, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)7024 805448, Internet: www.beas-miniaturen-manufaktur.de - Handmade authentic garden houses, market stalls, carving and woodturning, selected accessories such as plants and real wax candles, electrical items, exclusive crafting materials - Workshop No. 7: Let There Be Light

Tanja Bedenknecht, Winterfeldtstraße 31, 28217 Bremen, Germany; Tel +49 (0)421 382664, e-mail: tanjabedenknecht@googlemail.com, Internet: www.etsy.com/shop/sashasstore - Decorative elements for furniture and facades, water transfer pictures, food from Fimo and decorative items.

Betty Miniaturen, Betty Horsten, 1e Octaviolaan 49, 2909 RB Capelle aan den Ijssel, The Netherlands; e-mail: BettyhorstenvanLeeuwen@hotmail.com - Carefully hand-modeled and furred animals for houses and farms, decorated solo or in small scenes.

Bindels Ornaments, Marijke Bindels, Zandhei 32, 5508 WT Velthoven, The Netherlands; Tel./Fax. +31 (0)40 2531639, e-mail: info@bindelsornaments.nl, Internet: www.bindelsornaments.nl - Gold-plated and silver-colored ornaments, kits for chandeliers and metal-miniatures, crystal beads.

NEW: Svetlana Bläsing, Zedernweg 8, 27578 Bremerhaven, Germany; Mobil: +49 (0)1520 8761268, e-mail: svetlana-blaesing@gmail.com – Character dolls in 1:12 scale, skillfully hand-modeled from polymer clay - each piece is unique.

Boom-Miniaturen, Hubert Boom,
Zijlstralaan 31, 5251 SE Vlijmen, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)6 23864376, e-mail: lhboom@ziggo.nl, Internet: www.boom-miniaturen.com - Handmade cabinets and period furniture, crafted from exclusive precious woods according to historical models, as well as a wide range of precious woods and veneers for do-it-yourselfers.

Marianne Bopp
, Schillerstraße 4, 70806 Kornwestheim, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)7154 22576, e-mail: Marianne-Bopp@gmx.de - Handmade Fimo miniatures: meat products and cold cuts, vegetables, baked goods; specialty: pork and beef sides, fish, Christmas items.

Gerda Brändler,
Am Schöttlein 24, 97422 Schweinfurt, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)9721 32200, e-mail: gerda.braendler@icloud.com - Porcelain dolls, hats, bags, shoes, floristry for home and garden, Christmas, Easter and other decorative accessories, many unique items and everything from own production. - Workshop No. 8: A Planting Table - Fair Special

Bücher – Books – Livres – Libri – Boeken, Kathrin Hohensee, Obludastraße 46, 04347 Leipzig, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)341 2326127, e-mail:
, Internet: www.kat-books.weebly.com – Perfectly bound books in leather, half leather and paper in several languages, from children's books to fiction and scientific works; also folders with illustrations on various topics.
- Demonstrations at the table!

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NEW: carberlin_minis, Carmen Richter, Beckerstraße 20, 12157 Berlin, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)30 80106537, e-mail: carberlinminis@web.de, Internet: www.etsy.com/shop/carberlinminis - Handmade ceramic miniatures in 1:12 scale - individual parts, but also presented as a tea set, jug set or mix set, in many different colors and shapes; specialty: ceramics in the shapes of strawberries, lemons or oranges.

Cinderella, Silvia Leiner, Pwyll y Broga, Pontfaen, Fishguard SA65 9TY, UK; Tel. +44 (0)1239 821074, e-mail: SBLeiner@aol.com, Internet: www.cinderellaminiaturen.com - Dressed and undressed pocelain dolls, sewing material, sewing patterns, drapery, lace; oil paintings and furniture painted by Gabriele Leiner; Wooden miniatures from the Erzgebirge, 1:48 laser cut kits from Dragonfly, USA.

Coras Cottage, Cora van der Meeren, Burg. Zahnweg 10, 3267 AC Goudswaard, The Netherlands; Tel +31 (0)683 539827, e-mail: cvdmeeren@hotmail.com - Artfully handmade quilts and accessories for a little quilt shop, fabrics with small patterns (100% cotton), french lace and silk ribbons.

Cristina Hampe Art, Cristina Hampe, Wiesenweg 6, 93055 Regensburg, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)152 05357723, e-mail: Cristina.hampe.mini@gmail.com - Exquisitely hand-modeled miniature dishes and paintings as well as plants for home and garden. - Workshop No. 6: Sweet Fruits

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NEW: DanieleFalvoMiniArt, Daniele Falvo, Rom, Italy;
e-mail: danielefalvominiart@gmail.com, Internet: danielefalvominiart.etsy.com; Facebook: m.facebook.com/DanieleFalvoMiniArt,
Instagram: @danielefalvo_miniart - Dishes from the Italian kitchen, miniature ceramics, flower arrangements and small pieces of furniture - all handmade from own production. - Fair Special

NEW: Debbieminiatures, Debbie Lennmark, Kristinebergsvägen 38, 57260 Oskarshamn, Sweden; Tel. +46 (0)161 744655, e-mail: debbieminiatures@gmail.com, Internet: www.debbieminiatures.com – Hand-modeled and carefully furred miniature animals to enliven the doll's house world as well as matching accessories in 1:12 scale.

De kleine Poppenkast, Stella Bernecker,
Kerklaan 55, 2282 CE
Rijswijk ZH, The Netherlands; e-mail: Bernie@dekleinepoppenkast.nl, Internet: www.dekleinepoppenkast.nl - Handmade teddybears, baby items and lady items.

De Kroonluchter, Fred van Eck, The Netherlands; Tel +31 (0)6 2244 2312, e-mail: fyve@planet.nl - Chandeliers and sconce with Svarovski-crystals, fashionable accessories and lingerie.

De Pronkkamer, Ingrid Sikkink, de Mississippi 2, 5152 VV Drunen, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)6195 70572, Internet: www.de-pronkkamer.nl – high-quality, decorative miniatures to decorate your doll's house, including Janet Granger embroidery packs, I'm Special's fragrance line with real scents, designer bags and cushions.

Derdriu Dolls, Deirdre Wilgenburg, Roosbroekstraat 6, 1982 Zemst, Belgien; Tel. +32 (0)15 339 464, e-mail: info@derdriu.com, Internet: www.derdriu.com - Exclusive collectors' quality porcelain dolls, historically dressed as well as Imperial style collector's animals. - Fair Special

NEW: DH 1:12 Miniaturen, Daniela Heinsch,
Untergasse 45, 35418 Buseck, Germany; mobile: +49 (0)152 09780577, e-mail: dh.mytinyworld@yahoo.com – Sales carts, decorated and undecorated, 3D-printed accessories and parts as well as polymer clay and plants.

Domino, Dominique Roche, Adelinde B, 201, Alleé des Ondines, 07500 Guilherand-Granges, France; Tel +33 (0)687 808586, e-mail: DominoMiniatures@gmail.com - Leather luggage, purses and office accessories - many unique pieces.

Ursula Dyrbye-Skovsted, Svendborg Landevej 34, 5871 Foerup, Denmark; Tel. +45 (0)51841125, e-mail: urs.vds@gmail.com -  Turnings in Hardwood, resin, bone and brass, marquetry frames, marquetry for DIY.

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Marlies Eberhardt, Obergasse 14, 74363 Güglingen, Germany; Tel. +49(0)7135 15879, e-mail: MiniaturenundStoffe@web.de, Internet: etsy.com/shop/miniaturenundstoffe – Large selection of small-patterned fabrics, hat straw, needlework accessories, 1:12 patchwork, cushions; also miniature ceramics and other accessories for doll's houses. - Fair Special

E. Elsner von Gronow, Kunstgewerbe & Miniaturen, Immermannwall 23, 59494 Soest, Germany; e-mail: kontakt@elsnervongronow.com, Internet: www.elsnervongronow.de - Embossed paper ornaments, metal ornaments and galleries, wallpaper, fabrics, paints and own furniture kits as well as mouth-blown glassware and baubles from the Thuringian Forest.

NEW: EH Miniatures, Ewelina Hasnik,
22 Ramore Park, BT 100 FB Belfast, Northern Ireland; Tel. +44 (0)7877095623, e-mail: ehminiatures@googlemail.com, Internet: www.ehminiatures.co.uk, www.etsy.com/uk/shop/EHminiatures – Hand-modeled and realistically staged miniature animals (realistically furred or feathered) - each one unique.

Pia Elsenheimer, Miniaturen in Handarbeit,
Wigstraße 8, 45239 Essen, Germany; e-mail: piaelse@web.de - Haberdashery and needlework miniatures, drugstore items and food as well as decorative accessories of all kinds.

Ericson-Miniaturen, Eric Dees, Loosduinsekade 445, 2571 CK Den Haag, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)6 542 70750, e-mail: ericszon@gmail.com, Internet: http://ericson-minaturen.nl - Radios, televisions (with built-in electronics if desired), record players, stoves and small furniture in styles from 1900 to the present - all handmade in small quantities. - Workshop No. 13: It's Radio Here

Eva-M-Bauer, Eva Bauer,
Fichtenstraße 13, 86856 Hiltenfingen, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)8232 74483, e-mail: kleinemodewelt@gmx.de, Internet: www.kleinemodewelt.de - Dressed dolls; fur and animals, finest knitted goods, typically Bavarian items and various haberdashery.

Exquisite Miniaturen, Waltraud Halfpap-Klebe, Haingrabenstraße 11, 61381 Friedrichsdorf, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)6007 7868, e-mail: waltraudhalfpap@hotmail.de - Flower-arrangements, blooming potted plants, foliage plants, orchids, filled flower vases, cacti and succulents. Some items also scaled 1:24 and 1:48.

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Fashion Dolls in Miniature, Helena Reijnen, Jan van Rijswijcklaan 172 - Bus 4, 2020 Antwerpen, Belgium; Tel +32 (0)477 137826, e-mail: dollsinminiature@telenet.be, Internet: www.dollsinminiature.com - exclusively dresse porcelain dolls from own manufacturing, DIY-kits for dolls, sewing patterns and accessories. - Workshop No. 10: Royalty or Nanny?

Fashion in Miniature, Susanna Di Alberti, Via Bastoni ½, 24024 Albino, BG, Italy; Tel. +39 (0)347 7046377, e-mail: susy.alberti@gmail.com, Internet: www.miniaturefashion.etsy.com - Wedding dresses, corsets, fashion accessories such as hats and bags, home accessories and a large selection of fabrics printed with self-created motifs.

Fennicole Miniatures, F. Wintering, Willem Marisstraat 16, 6866 AT Heelsum, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)6 81053799, e-mail: fennicole@live.nl, Internet: www.fennicole-miniatures.nl - Handmade terracotta garden decorations, glazed clay planters, building materials, thin floor tiles with a Provençal sandstone look.

NEW: Floraldecormini, Yevheniia Kudriavtseva, C. Alvan 4, 1 iz, 11404 Jerez de la Frontera, Spain; Tel. +34 (0)6240 52861, e-mail: floraldecormini@gmail.com – Exquisite flowers and green plants for home and garden in 1.12 and 1:24 scale

Franzy's Paradies, Françoise Suter-Neuhaus,
Lausannegasse 39, 1700 Fribourg, Switzerland - Tel +41 (0)26 3224765, e-mail: franzy@puppen.ch, Internet: www.puppen.ch - Exclusive miniatures from high-class artisans from Switzerland and the whole world - many unique objects

Frolls Miniatures, Anders & Titti Andell, Vipvägen 4, S24395 Gamla Bo Höör, Sweden; Tel. +46 (0)705290169 and + 46 (0)707 153932, e-mail: frollsminiatures@telia.com, Internet: www.frollsmini.se – Handmade furniture and flowers, Fimo food, turned accessories, lamps and fine handicrafts.

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NEW: GD Miniatures, Gabriela Di Carlo, Lomas de Tarango # 250, Col. Lomas de Tarango, Alvaro Obregón, CDMX CP01620 Mexico; Tel. +52 (0)553294 2764, e-mail: gabydicarlo@aol.com, Instagram: @GDMiniatures – Handmade doll's house miniatures and decoratively painted accessories in 1.12 scale as well as unique porcelain dolls. - Fair Special

Giulias Miniatures,
Giulia Wolf, Rötestraße 24, 72221 Haiterbach, Germany;
e-mail: giulia.wolf@web.de, Internet: https://giuliasminiatures.com – 3D printed doll's house furniture, accessories and decorations in American farmhouse style.

Glasbläserei Gerd Felka,
Zum Bäckerberg 9, 98694 Frauenwald, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)36782 60717, e-mail: Gerd.Felka@t-online.de, Internet: www.miniglass.de - Finest mouth-blown glass miniatures scales 1:12 and 1:16, often elaborately adorned and labelled or filled with beverages, silhouette glasses and lidded goblets.

Han Goergen, Bouwmeesterweg 18, 3123 AA Schiedam, Niederlande; Tel. +31 (0)104701483, E-Mail: h.goergen@mail.com – Hand-crafted miniature furniture and home accessories in shabby chic style and small teddy bears with nostalgic charm from Jeanet Dekker's studio.

Inka Grossé, Melanchthonstraße 22, 10557 Berlin, Germany; mobile: +49 (0)176 457 81598, e-mail: inkagrosse@gmx.de - Porcelain dolls dressed in the style of different epoques, exclusive arrangements as well as high-class accessories (many unique articles).

Grote Kleine Wereld, D. H. Waijer, Snikke 2, 8433 HE Haulerwijk, The Netherlands; e-mail: d.waijer@planet.nl - Decorated cupboards on a scale of 1:12, filled with furniture in 1:144, a large selection of Petite Properties items on a scale of 1:48, Porcelain dolls and doll kits, roses and much more. - Fair Special

NEW: Jan Grygiel, 4, Alleé Cavaliére, 71450 Blanzy, France, Tel. +33 (0)385584118, e-mail: jan.grygiel@club-internet.fr – Hand-crafted miniature furniture along with authentic tools and vehicles for agriculture and viticulture.

Gweaneth's Dream, Louise Nijboer-Staric, Grietmanslaan 81, 8431 CN Oosterwolde, The Netherlands; e-mail: gweaneth@gmail.com - Delicate crochet work in silk, such as tablecloths and decorative cushions, cuddly soft baby wraps, potholders etc.; along with special practical tools for model making.

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Heidi Ott Stiftung "Tiere in Not", Heidi Ott, Im Feld 17, 5626 Hermetschwil-Staffeln, Schweiz; Tel. +41(0)79 484 1212, e-mail: heidi.ott@bluemail.ch, Internet: www.helferhilfe.ch - Extensive assortment of miniature dolls and dollhouse miniatures of all kinds. Sale for the benefit of HelferHilfe "Tiere in Not".

Henry Bart Miniatures, Henry Bart, 2 rue de l'église, 54115 Tramont St. André, France; Tel. +33 (0)684529887, e-mail: contact@henrybartminiatures.com, Internet: www.henrybartminiatures.com - wall tiles and floor coverings, stone fireplace mantles turned from wood and metal, as well as curious and special accessories.

Victoria Heredia, Calle Los Flamencos no. 10, 29018 Málaga, Spain; Tel. +34 (0)615 967184, e-mail: meenaheredia@hotmail.com - smallest flowers, plants and little angel miniatures (<1"), nostalgic toy dolls, all unique pieces handmade from Fimo.

Het Kralennest, Marianne Beumer, Meenteweg 14, 9626 BH Schildwolde, The Netherlands; Tel. +31(0)6 46408782, e-mail: info@hetkralennest.nl , Internet: www.hetkralennest.nl – Do-it-yourself products and tools for creating your miniatures and dollhouses.

Hobby Miniaturistin Anne Kröpke, Ohweg 1, 21442 Toppenstedt, Germany – Accessories for dollhouses and stores as well as Christmas and Easter. Specialty: original miniatures from Thailand, maritime "booths" and market stalls.

Esmé Hofman, Bareldsweg 8, 7983 KH Waspe, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)521 383051, e-mail: info@esmehofman.nl, Internet: www.esmehofman.nl  - Delicately hand-woven miniatures for the doll's house made from real willow reeds.

Houtenkralen.eu, Elleke van Engelenburg, Bakkerskamp 160, 7582 HH Losser, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)53 4618784, e-mail: houtenkralen.eu@hotmail.com, Internet: www.houtenkralen.eu - Craft materials, specializing in natural wood beads and mini fabrics for furniture, bears, hats, etc., plus a small assortment of finished miniatures.

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ili's Miniatures, Ileana Sàdean, Str. Mihai Viteazu Nr. 2, 555600 Ocna-Sibiului, Jud. Sibiu, Romania, Tel. +40 (0)744321313, E-Mail: ileana.sadean@gmail.com, Internet: ilisminiatures.com - Miniatures of electrical appliances and machines (some even fully functioning) and work accessories for the little DIY enthusiast, as well as craft materials, mini foodstuffs and 1:48 scenarios.

Il Piccolo Mondo di Daniela, Daniela Marsella, Via la Malfa 8, 20017 Rho (Milano), Italy; Tel. +39 (0)339 2702359, e-mail: dani.66@alice.it - Dollhouse furniture in shabby chic and modern style. - Fair Special

Iriginals - In het Poppenhuis, Iris Bronsgeest, Boerhaaveweg 57, 3401 MN Ijsselstein, The Netherlands; Tel +31 (0)6 22046308, e-mail: iris@inhetpoppenhuis.nl, Internet: www.iriginals.nl - Iriginals stores and parlors, furniture kits, sales and caravans and much more - all from own studio.

J (top)

Stefanie & Bettina Jordan, Hülsenweg 13, 32760 Detmold, Germany; e-mail: bettina.jordan@freenet.de - mainly atmospheric Christmas miniatures, some also in H0 scale

K (top)
Karins Miniwelt, Karin Lausch, Staffelbergstraße 5, 91077 Neunkirchen, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)9134-1824, e-mail: hk.lausch@t-online.de – Handmade accessories for the dollhouse - specialty: Miniature scenes on various themes, readily decorated in lanterns. - Fair Special

Kleine Schätze, Kerstin Klaschus,
Kleine Weide 17, 23743 Grömitz, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)4562 7939, e-mail: kleineschaetze1@gmail.com, Internet: www.kleine-schaetze.de - Hand-furred animals with fur made from natural fibers, dishes made from polymer clay, carpets using the punch technique and tablecloths knotted with the Occhi technique.

Kleine T-Räume, Eva Maria Seeberger, Manthenstraße 24, 40625 Düsseldorf, and Birgit Mathias, Henri-Dunant-Straße 49, 40474 Düsseldorf, Germany;
e-mail: birmadu@t-online.de oder e.m.seeberger@t-online.de - Everything a doll's household needs and desires, all from our own workshop; specialty: large assortment of bottles. New: Advent calendar 2024 (pre-orders possible!)

NEW: Julia Krel, Neubruchstraße 34 e, 85774 Unterföhring, Germany; e-mail: juliakrel@web.de – Hand-modeled character dolls made of polymer clay on a scale of 1:12 - each piece is unique.

Joachim Kühner, Mörikestraße 11, 74385 Pleidelsheim, Germany; Tel +49 (0)7144 888 9883, Fax: +49 (0)7144 8889930, e-mail: info@joachim-kuehner.de, Internet: www.joachim-kuehner.de - Self-made porcelain, artistically hand-painted, oil paintings and drawings in 1:12 scale.

Kunstgewerbe Miniaturen Holzner, Albert Holzner, Frühlingsstraße 9, 84576 Teising, Germany; Tel +49 (0)8633 1002, e-mail: miniweltholzner@aol.com, Internet: www.miniweltholzner.de - shops, market stalls, roomboxes and displays, decorated in medieval style, as well as edibles from Fimo, all self-made. - Fair Special

L (top)
L.A. Little Artist,
Huu Phuoc Nguyen, Stellingmolen 208, 3352 BN Papendrecht, The Netherlands; e-mail: hpnetherland@yahoo.com - Carved micro animal figures in scales 1:12 to 1:144 and smaller, musical instruments, decorative ornaments made of precious woods.

Lamis Minis - Flora & Fauna, Pia Becker, Buchenstraße 4, 71106 Magstadt, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)163 7487873, e-mail: pia.becker87@web.de, Internet: www.lamisminis.de - handmade exquisite flowers and plants from paper, pots and vases, decorations for the modern dollhouse as well as craft kits.

Le Coffre d'Emilie, Muriel & Gilles Roche, 98 Route de Villeberne, 58200 Cosne s/Loire, France; Tel. +33 (0) 6 77652348, e-mail: roche.mimi@wanadoo.fr - Imaginatively designed animals and dolls, little nostalgic scenes from the toy world - all exclusive and handmade.  

Sun Lemmens, Ridder Hoenstraat 116, 6433 EG Hoensbroek, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)45 8505354, e-mail: sun@nalladris.nl, Internet: www.nalladris.nl – Miniature jewels based on own designs or historical models; specialty: Fabergé-style filled "Russian eggs".
- Fair Special & Workshop No. 3: Sparkle and Glitter

Ursula Lempelius, Spitzenkamp 1, 33790 Halle/Westfalen, Germany - Tel/Fax +49 (0)5201 10686, e-mail: kulemp@gmx.de - Fine embroideries, bed- and table-linen, nice things for the nursery, embroidery kits and a big assortment of drapery.

NEW: Jean Marc Lemaitre, 50, rue Paul Serusier, 35580 Guichen, France; Tel. +33 (0)6 06792700, e-mail: jeanmarc12515@gmail.com – Sweet treats and other specialties for gourmets, all carefully hand-modeled and temptingly presented.

Le mini di Pierluigi & Mara, Pierluigi Pirovano,
Via Ponte Oscuro 11, 22033 Asso (Como) Italy; Tel. +39 (0)328 8982555, e-mail: pier.pimini@gmail.com, Internet: www.pimini.it – decorative and useful accessories made in etching technique, bird cages, lanterns, children's vehicles and other toys, crafting packages for wooden miniatures. - Fair Special

Le Petit Tricot, Ellen Warner, Professor Teldersstraat 26, 3274 MC Heinenoord, The Netherlands; Tel +31 (0)6 54765313, e-mail: lepetittricot@live.nl - handmade knitting goods following own designs, knitting needles and fine wool.

Les Petits Chapeaux de Coralie, Coralie Jourdain, 2056, Rte de Cuiseaux, 71480 Le Miroir, France; Tel. +33 (0)6 33659118, e-mail: coralie.jourdain@gmail.com, Internet: www.lespetitschapeauxdecoralie.com - Various styles of hats, made from antique and contemporary material, all unique pieces.

Liebe-Miniaturwerkstatt, Corinna Liebe, Rückmarsdorfer Straße 6, 04420 Markranstädt, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)341 9420054, e-mail: info@holz-liebe.de, Internet: www.holz-liebe.de - Working miniature tools and -workshops, miniature toys, dollhouse supplies and furniture, everything self-made and scaled 1:12.

Little Magie Miniaturen, Gerrie Wijnholds, Stinsstraat 9, 6412 EB Heerlen, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)6 41931812, e-mail: little.magie@outlook.com - Handicraft materials and cutters as well as self-made miniatures.

NEW: Live a Little Miniatures, Hoanie Yong, 2426 Martell Cres NW, T6R 0C7 Edmonton, AB, Canada; Tel. +01 (0)1 780 920 8248, e-mail: kailusky@yahoo.ca, Internet: www.livealittleminiatures.com – Imposing crystal and brass chandeliers as well as fashionable accessories made of genuine leather such as handbags, gloves, suitcases etc. - all designed and handmade from carefully selected materials to create a perfectly realistic impression.

Brigitte Lohrmann (Kleines Glück), c/o Regine Simon, Harnackring 72, 21031 Hamburg, Germany; E-Mail: regine.simon63@gmail.com - Miniatures and figurines by international artists and self-arranged scenarios as well as craft items

M (top)
NEW: maam Miniaturas, Magdalena Gascó Vanó, Plaza Europa 7 bajo, 46960 Aldaia, Spain; Tel. +34 (0)62990 4069 and 6476 322173, Internet: www.etsy.com/shop/maamMiniaturas – high-quality handcrafted upholstered furniture for stylishly furnishing your doll's house, tapestries, bed linen and other household textiles.

Madame Reve by Nathalie, Nathalie Mori, 57 bd du Touret de Vallier, Bat E, 13500 Martigues, France; e-mail: nathaliemori07@yahoo.com, Internet: www.nathaliemori.com - Porcelain dolls and individually modeled dolls from polymer clay as well as Venetian masks and fashion accessories.
- Fair Special
& Workshop No. 2: Venetian Masks

Georgia Marfels, Droste-Hülshoff-Weg 2, 49492 Westerkappeln, Germany; Internet: www.etsy.com/shop/georgiamarfels - Enchantingly enchanted and bewitching miniatures of all kinds: mandrakes, enchanted plants and brooms, magic potions and pets for the witch's kitchen.

Marja Keuker Miniatures, Marja Keuker, Sinningvelderstraat 337, 1382 EZ Weesp, The Netherlands; E-Mail: contact@marjakeuker.nl, Internet: www.marjakeuker.nl – Japanese and Moroccan miniatures, miniature furniture and wooden caskets decorated with fine inlays, household silverware and summer accessories from the "Lindys Beach" collection Fair Special

NEW: Marfolhuz Miniatures, Marieke Folkers-Hulzebosch, Slichtenhorsterweg 26, 3862 NR Nijkerk, The Netherlands; e-mail: m.h@folkers.biz – Magical fantasy and witchy miniatures as well as miniature foods modeled from polymer clay.

Menutmon Kits, Amparo Gil Baldo & Daniel Jornet Lahuerta, Calle Río Duero, 68, 46184 San Antonio de Benagéber (Valencia), Spain; Tel. +34 (0)676 179148, e-mail: info@menutmon.com, Internet: www.menutmon.com – Kits for timeless miniature furniture and versatile accessories to tastefully decorate scenarios. 

Meubels in Miniatuur, Kristin Neeven, Tjaarderpolder 1, 3825 JV Amersfoort, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 06 38240972, e-mail: info@meubelsinminiatuur.nl, Internet: www.meubelsinminiatuur.nl – Modern furniture and accessories to furnish and decorate your dollhouse.

Mi Mundo en Rosa, Ana Cacheiro, C/ Loma 18 , Camarma de Esteruelas (Madrid), Spain; Tel. +34 (0) 609088796, e-mail: anaisa.bel@hotmail.es, Internet: www.elmundoana.blogspot.com – Furniture miniatures in shabby chic style and romantic country look, "sugar sweet" baked goods, such as cakes and pies.

Rosie Kohl, Taubenstraße 30, 73650 Winterbach, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)7181 44595, e-mail: miniaturen-flechtatelier@t-online.de - Wickered goods: baby carriages, strollers, beach chairs, garden furniture, baskets etc. scaled 1:12, 1:24 and 1:48 as well as hospital furniture.

NEW: Miniatures by Vio, Viorica Pascaneam, Dorpstraat 29, 6677 PH Slijk-Ewijk, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)6 322 21373, e-mail: viorikka@hotmail.com, Internet: www.miniaturesbyvio.com – Laser-cut furniture kits, roombox kits, architectural elements such as windows, doors, balconies, fences etc. as well as barbecues.

Miniaturiamo, Alessandra Pascolini, Via S. Sebastiano, 6, 60030 Serra de Conti (AN), Italy; e-mail: ale.pascolini@gmail.com, Internet: facebook.com/Miniaturiamo - Dresses, hats, bags (individually made up in modern style), bathroom and kitchen accessories, fabrics and craft kits. - Fair Special

NEW: Miniarthouse, Evgeniia Iashina, Zeier Jabotinssky, 19-1, Haifa, Israel; Tel. +9 (0)72 53336 3896, e-mail: miniarthouse@gmail.com – Exquisite 1:12 scale embroidery, miniature food and other household utensils as well as 1:144 scale micro miniatures.

NEW: Minibees, Sabine Bühler, Rotenbüschle 38, 76228 Karlsruhe, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)151 25836661, e-mail: info@minibees.de, Internet: www.minibees.de – Handmade miniatures providing that "certain something", fully decorated displays, wickerwork, various plants and hand-embroidered rugs. Fair Special

NEW: MiniByBuch, Elsebeth Buch Degn, Søhaven 1, 7451 Sunds, Denmark; Tel. +45 (0) 61466059, e-mail: elsebethbuch@live.dk – Delicate, cross-stitched carpets, vacuum cleaners and other handmade specialties in 1:12 scale.

Minidoor, Thea van Hasselt, San Franciscosingel 55, 2548HS Den Haag, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)70 3697703, e-mail: webwinkel.minidoor@gmail.com and info@minidoor.nl, Internet: www.minidoor.nl - DIY craft kits and handmade miniatures on various themes, plus a wide selection of silk ribbons, lace and other useful ingredients for handicrafts en miniature.

Minidrechsler, Hermann Straeten, Issumer Straße 14, 47608 Geldern, Germany - Turned miniatures, also from unconventional materials, miniature clocks and musical instruments; all own production of high quality - Demonstrations at the table!

Minifanaberia, Dorota Mateusiak, Ulica Wrobla 4A/12, 41-100 Siemianovice Slaskie, Poland; e-mail: minifanaberia@gmail.com, Internet: www.minifanaberia.com - Modern kitchen appliances, metal cooking pots and other useful and decorative household accessories. - Fair Special

Mini-Flora, Irene Gerhardt, Holbeinstraße 3, 63322 Rödermark, Germany; Tel. +49(0)6074 95387, Fax +49(0)6074 95357, e-mail: I_Gerhardt@web.de - Flowers and flower arrangements for weddings, Christmas, Easter and the garden; planters and flower vases, also made of porcelain, single flowers and leaves as well as other craft materials for making flowers.

Mini Knitting & Collectables, Helen Palenski, 23 Theban Place, Totarvale 02, Auckland 0629, New Zealand; e-mail: helen.p@xtra.co.nz – Finely knitted miniatures and needlework accessories

Minikreationen, Andrea Coppi, Marktplatz 6, 92559 Winklarn, Germany; e-mail: info@minikreationen.de – Laser-cut kits and ready-made furniture for doll's houses in various scales, kits for book corners (BookNooks) in 1:12 and 1:24, 3D-printed items and craft kits for miniatures.

Minis2you, Marie & Michael Creutz, Bygatan 11, 57736 Hultsfred, Sweden; Tel. +46 (0)705403109, e-mail: minis2you@telia.com, Internet: www.minis2you.etsy.com, Instagram: @minis2you – Marie: Special footwear, e.g. ice skates, roller skates, clogs and baby shoes; also dolls and clothing for men and women; Michael: Travel suitcases and bags with special themes, e.g. for hunting or the country doctor, handmade from wafer-thin, genuine leather.

NEW:  Mini Vintage, Corina und Gerald Sermon, Schoolstraat 9, 3241 CT Middelharnis, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)6 1306 3447, Internet: www.minivintage.nl – Miniatures with a realistic vintage touch, many of them designed in-house and all carefully handmade.

Mini-Wonders, Rudolf Stevens, Oudeweg 147, 2031 CC Haarlem, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)6 50433865, e-mail: info@mini-wonders.nl, Internet: www.mini-wonders.nl - Lighting specialist for the scales 1:12 and 1:24, as well as battery-powered LED lighting.

M. Nieves, M. Nieves Mergelina Sánchez, Calle Rio Jarama, 483 (Urb Las Colinas), 19170 El Casar (Guadalajara), Spain; Tel. +34 (0)6 51858860, e-mail: m.nieves.artesana@gmail.com, Internet: www.m-nieves.com - Lifelike character dolls - hand-modeled unique pieces with real glass eyes and carefully hand-sewn clothing, as well as matching, decorative accessories.

Mi Roli, Michaela Liesch, Geiselweg 18, 73466 Lauchheim, Germany; e-mail: klaraputzi@aol.com –Construction kits for furniture and decorative accessories, as well as handmade miniatures for versatile use in the home and garden. - Fair Special & Workshop No. 5: Sewing Box

MKO Miniaturen, Marjolein Kroes-Koens, Paardebloem 8, 7623 CB Borne, The Netherlands; e-mail: mkominiaturen2024@gmail.com – Unusual individual miniatures and arrangements, presented in a variety of themes - all unique pieces, all handmade.

Montheron, Vera Rijgersberg, Biezelingsestraat 92, 4421 BV Kapellen, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)113 330356, e-mail: montheron@zeelandnet.nl - Exclusive miniatures and furniture, many inspired by models in classic French design, as well as decorative accessories and animal figures.

NEW: Inès Moreno-Garcia, C/Francisco Fatou 7 2B, 28031 Madrid, Spain;
Tel. +34 (0)6 65237672, e-mail: miniaturines@gmail.com, Internet: https://www.instagram.com/miniaturines/-MiniaturinesvonInésMorenoGarcia – Hand-modeled miniature animals with a humansque and amusing touch, dolls, flowers and other decorative doll's house accessories.

My Thai Miniatures, Maureen Gestman, Rudolf Garrelstraat 106, 1443 LK Purmerend, The Netherlands; e-mail: maureengestman@hotmail.com – Handmade flower arrangements, vegetables and other foods, also arranged into menus. Specialty: Asian dishes and other miniatures.

N (top)
Nalladris, Luc Lemmens, Ridder Hoenstraat 116, 6433 EG Hoensbroek, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)45 8505354, e-mail: lucky@nalladris.nl, Internet: www.nalladris.nl - Nal LED systems that bring light to any dollhouse, chandeliers, DIY craft kits and ornaments.

NEW: Netjes Miniaturen, Tatjana de Klerk-Netjes, Domineeswei 8, 2231 ZS Rijnsburg, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)6 119 131 216, e-mail: tatjanadeklerk@gmail.com – Doll's house miniatures on a scale of 1:12, partly produced using 3D printing, as well as natural hobby materials. - Fair Special  

NEW: Cristina Noriega, Camino de los Maizales 315-1 Cabuenes, 33394 Gijon, Asturias, Spain; Tel. +34 (0)627733743, e-mail: noriegacris005@gmail.com , Internet: www.cristinanoriega.com – Exquisite museum-quality period furniture, toys and decorative doll's house accessories.

Nostalgie in 1:12, Michaela Wolzen, Hugo-Preuß-Straße 46, 41236 Mönchengladbach, Germany; e-mail: michaela.wolzen@web.de – Household textiles, bed linen, small furniture and decorative items; specialty: washable, printed fabrics.Fair Special

O (top)
Oiseau deNim Miniatures, Peiwen Petitgrand, 19 Rue des Tonneliers, 30132 Caissargues, France; Tel. +33 (0)638507142, e-mail: oiseaudenimatelier@gmail.com, Internet: www.oiseaudenim.com - Flowers, food and gastronomy articles, antiques and lighting articles, tuto, tools and craft materials. - Workshop No. 4: Baking Pancakes

Omgardens, Annemieke Vet,
Molengatpad 22, 1317 BC Almere, The Netherlands; Tel +31 (0)6 14220860, e-mail: omgaflow@gmail.com, Internet: www.theflowerdoll.nl – Specialist in Japanese typical vegetation and artistic garden design, bonsai trees and ikebana, lifelike trees, elaborately decorated Christmas trees and a variety of DIY materials; new: three-dimensional relief pictures "painted" with miniatures. - Fair Special

P (top)
Pam's Creatieve Ideeën, Pamela Makker, Plataanpad 21, 4125 SM Hoef en Haag, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)6 50488668, e-mail: miniaturen@hotmail.com, Internet: www.pams-creatieve-ideeen.nl - Handmade dollhouse miniatures from our own workshop. Specialties: Baby articles and "bath & body" products.

Petit Huset, Sandra Blom, Landstraat 12 A, 4184 ED Opijnen, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)6 18875322, e-mail: s.domhof@gmail.com, Internet: www.petithuset.nl - Miniatures and decorative accessories, presented in brocante style.

Poppenhuizenpaleis Amsterdam, Willem Sepers,
Staverdenplein 41, 1107LE Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Tel. +31(0)636303476, e-mail: info@poppenhuislicht.nlwww.poppenhuislicht.nl - Large assortment of lighting and electrical accessories (e.g. Cir-Kit), dollhouses and store roomboxes, selected miniatures from international manufacturers, as well as handmade Me and my Shadow miniatures in collector quality.

Poppen(T)Huis, Bas Middel,
Twijnstenhof 74, 5709 GT Helmond, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)492 845 361, e-mail: info@poppen-t-huis.nl, Internet: www.poppen-t-huis.nl - Handmade fantasy houses and roomboxes.
Commissions welcome!

Puppenatelier Ingrid Auer, Ingrid Auer, Hoffeldstraße 29, 71636 Ludwigsburg, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)7141 461575, Mobil +49 (0)171 4911478, e-mail: Ingrid.Auer@t-online.de, Internet: www.123puppenminiaturen.de - Elaborately decorated Christmas trees and other accessories for Christmas, Easter, bathroom, kitchen, perfumery, sewing room / tailor shop, bakery. Also lamps and electrical accessories.

PuppenHausGemachtes, Ingrid Otto, Bergstraße 28, 58579 Schalksmühle, Germany; Tel +49 (0)2355 3542, e-mail: ingrid.otto@luedenscheid.de - Embroidery packs for the finest carpets according to own designs and exquisite patterns, equipment for needlework stores and artists' studios, as well as furniture for the doll's child, plant tables - all from own production.

Puppenmanufaktur Erna Meyer e.K., Gabriele John von Freyend, Hirschbergstraße 10, 85254 Sulzemoos, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)8135 9947575, Fax +49 (0)8135 9947576, e-mail: info@erna-meyer.com, Internet: www.erna-meyer.com - Flexible dolls covered with fabric, scales 1:12 and 1:24, flexible porcelain dolls scale 1:12, collector's editions of miniature felt bears.

Puppenstuben & Miniaturen, Andrea Dewald-Schneider, Breite Straße 91, 42369 Wuppertal, Germany - Furniture and decorative accessories by all well-known brands as well as exclusive crocheted miniatures by Bärbel Eberhardt.

Puppenstübchen, Nadine Petukat & Silke Fichtner, Dorfstraße 9, 08541 Gansgrün, Germany; e-mail: versand@puppenstuebchen.com, Internet: www.puppenstuebchen.com – "easy-kit" sets from own production, miniatures for Christmas and kitchen, accessories decorated in shabby chic style, as well as exclusive miniatures from the Erzgebirge.

R (top)

S (top)
Helga Sadowski, Ringstraße 39 b, 49733 Haren Ems, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)5732 7398879, e-mail: Helga.Sadowski@gmx.de, Internet: www.miniaturen-sadowski.de - Hand sculpted character dolls made of Supersculpey (all unique pieces) in 1:12, fantasy figures and dollhouse accessories as well as self-authored books. - Fair Special

Scarletts zauberhafte Miniaturen, Manuela Herbst,
Messingstraße 34, 38642 Goslar, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)5321 65614 and +49 (0)17621921187, e-mail: diemanu42@web.de – Accessories for the fine lady, miniature jewelry, toys, dolls and baby carriages, "witchcraft" and "a little frivolity".

Shirley Scheibehenne,
Danziger Straße 17, 37688 Beverungen, Germany; e-mail: mikroteddy@web.de, Internet: www.meinkleinerteddy.de - Hand-sewed artists' bears following own designs, completely flexible from 5mm, miscellaneous cuddly toys for the nursery, supplies for the DIY-enthusiast. New: 3D printed resin objects.

Christel Schneider, Jägerhaus 66, 42287 Wuppertal, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)160 6306160 - Exclusive Asian miniatures; manifold assortment from own stock as well as various handmade pieces.

Seaside Miniatures, Alison & Mike Thomas,
8 Rue de Bricquebost, 50190 Gorges, France; Tel. +44 (0)7970 484579 and +33 (0)603 308528, e-mail: seasideminiatures@btopenworld.com, Internet: seasideminiatures.Etsy.com - Unique 1:48 scale lasercut kits and 3D printed accessories of own design and from own workshop.

Smallscale, Marie-Louise Markhorst, Beijerplaats 3, 6811 BG Arnhem, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)6 1985 8530, e-mail: info@smallscale.nl, Internet: www.smallscale.nl - hand crafted copper, brass and silver miniatures scale 1/12 - both decorative and useful!

Small World Parts, Peter Merkl, Ahornstraße 5, 85296 Rohrbach, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)8442 95041, e-mail: swp01@web.de, Internet: swpmodel.com - Exclusive accessories according to own design, manufactured in metal and wood - Specialized in photo-etching and laser technology - Custom designs possible.
- Fair Special

Stella Que Passa, Stella de Bruijne, Westvierdeparten 8, 8391 XS Noordwolde, The Netherlands, Tel. +31 (0)6 20273043, e-mail: stellaquepassa@kpnmail.nl, Internet: www.stellaquepassa.nl - Brick compounds, moulds, furniture, dolls, craft kits and much more.

Petra Stoecklein, Buchbinderweg 29 b, 12355 Berlin, Germany; +49 (0)30 6641371, e-mail: Minishop-Berlin@gmx.de – Flower arrangements, Christmas decorations, decorative accessories, tools, lamps, wallpaper, electrical equipment and furniture.

NEW: Katarzyna Stölting, Am Büscherhof 5 A, 33719 Bielefeld, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)176 73533739, e-mail: Sandra945@hotmail.de – Large assortment of food, each piece expertly hand-modeled from polymer clay and decoratively presented.

Straßenkinderhilfe e.V. Schweinfurt, Engelhard Schmitt, Am Schöttlein 24, 97422 Schweinfurt, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)9721 3220,
e-mail: schnittschmitt@icloud.com, Internet: www.scherenschnitt-schmitt.de - Filigree silhouette art as well as silhouette greeting cards, also tiny Fröbel stars and hand-sawn miniature castles made of wood and tree fungi - Sales for the benefit of Straßenkinderhilfe e.V. Schweinfurt, Martin Luther-Platz 3, 97421 Schweinfurt - Demonstrations at the table!

Susi's kleine Rasselbande, Susanne Stiegler, Tannenstraße 5, 90530 Wendelstein, Germany; e-mail: susis_rasselbande@web.de - Hand-sewn miniature animals of all kinds, knitted and crocheted items, wool, fabrics and needlework accessories.

T (top)
Takumi Takanashi, 1-40-50-404 Higashyurigaoka Asao-ku Kawsaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken 215-0012, Japan;  Tel. +81 (0) 90 6152 7933, e-mail: takumi@minimalxanimal.com; Internet: www.instagram.com/minimalxanimal - Furred pets such as dogs and cats as well as wild animals - each hand-modeled and lifelike. - Fair Special

The Little Dollhouse Company, Maria Fowler,
862 Millwood Road, Toronto, M4G 1W6 Ontario, Canada; Tel +1 (0)416489 7180, e-mail: maria@thelittledollhousecompany.com, Internet: www.thelittledollhousecompany.com - Trader for exquisite collector's quality miniatures from Canada, the USA and all over the world.

The Mini Factory, Lida v.d. Reep, Het Kaar 98, 5571 RV Bergeyk, The Netherlands - Fimo-edibles and bridal wear, books, furniture, dolls, chicken coops, everything you need in the garden and much more. New: Mouse house sold in flat pack. - Fair Special

Timea P. Vajonne-Dolls, Timea P. Vajonne, 27, Pembury Road, Eastbourne, Sussex BN23 7HS, Great Britain; Tel. +44 (0)7707638523, e-mail: vajonek@gmail.com, Internet: TimeaPVajonnedolls.com – Character dolls, hand-modeled from polymer clay - each one unique.

Tiny Ceramics, Rita Kruger, Im Silbertal 5, 56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)2624 9418060, e-mail: info@tinyceramics.de, Internet: www.tiny-ceramics.com - Ceramic wall and floor tiles, wafer-thin, partly hand-painted, glazed and unglazed.

Trezoortjes Belgium, Iris Arentz, Leestsesteenweg 57, 2800 Mechelen, Belgium; Tel. +32 (0)497 593155, e-mail: trezoortjes@telenet.be – Exclusive, handmade miniature stores & displays produced in our own workshop as well as individual miniatures presented in vintage style. Also craft materials and printed matter for making decorative items. - Fair Special & Workshop No. 9: Kitchen Sideboard

Doris Tussing, Kaiser-Ebersdorfer-Straße 90/10/5, 1110 Wien, Austria; Tel +43 (0)699 19525 268, e-mail: dorist@chello.at, Internet: www.doristussing.com - Inventively presented character dolls scale 1:12, each one a unique piece.
- Fair Special

U (top)
Una Scala Per Sognare, Francesca Guidotti, Via Biancolelli 30, 40132 Bologna; Italy; Tel. +34 936 508 16, e-mail: unascalapersognare@katamail.com, Internet: www.unascalapersognare.it and etsy.com/shop/unascalapersognare - Handmade miniatures on a scale of 1:12, for example kitchen utensils, food and flowers. Many unique vintage pieces. - Fair Special

Uschi Schiffner's Petits Corsages, Uschi Schiffner, Römerstraße 15, 86947 Weil, Germany; Tel +49 (0)8195 1262, e-mail: Uschi.Schiffner@mailbox.org - Replicas of historic clothes and corsetry. - Fair Special

V (top)
Jan van den Doel, Musselweg 78, 9584 AG Mussel, The Netherlands; Tel +31 (0)6 20054299, e-mail: janvandendoel@gmail.com - Exclusive plants and flowers from own production, terracotta flower pots and garden accessories for miniature floristry, as well as small patterned cotton fabrics, ribbons and quilting accessories.

NEW: Roger van Driel, Oliemolen 6, 5421 AK Gemerl, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)6 83710663 - Pewter figures as blanks to paint yourself - casting demonstration at the table!

Vlinder Koudporcelein, Laura Vos, Kivithof 25, 2841 NP Moordrecht, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)655776726, e-mail: vlinderkoudporcelein@gmail.com, Internet: vlinderkoudporcelein.nl - Air-drying porcelain for modeling fine-walled miniatures, matching hand tools and cross-stitch embroidery packs - Demonstrations at the table! 

Volkskunst und Spielwaren, Roselind Raabe, Dübener Straße 2, 04509 Delitzsch, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)34202 51374, e-mail: info@miniaturenworld.com, Internet: www.miniaturenworld.com - Doll's houses, doll's furniture, various 1:12 scale miniatures, electrics, wallpaper and carpets, components, as well as flowers, Christmas and Easter decorations and Erzgebirge miniatures.

Maria Luise von Lemcke, Grüne Straße 27, 32805 Horn-Bad Meinberg, Germany; Tel +49 (0)1522 7345416 -High-quality miniature porcelain dolls, made to the artist's own design and carefully dressed, as well as self-made, fine knitted clothing.

W (top)
Walter Wieser, Dickebankstraße 24, 44149 Dortmund, Germany; e-mail: WalterWieserDo@outlook.de - Fimo edibles as limited-lot productions and one of a kind pieces, all from own manufacturing

Jaap Wijtenburg, Zdl. Parallelweg 214, 6812 BZ Arnheim, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)6 22507233, e-mail: jaapwijtenburg@gmail.com - Hand-painted miniature oil paintings following own designs in the style of the old masters (all unique pieces) - commissions welcome!

NEW: Marion Wilhelm, Gartenstraße 6, 91242 Ottensoos, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)172 8811436, e-mail: Willibaer@gmx.net – Barrel organs, Punch and Judy theaters, flower benches, flower arrangements, plant tables and shelves (ready-made and as kits), Far Eastern accessories such as gongs and paravents as well as other useful and beautiful items for harmonious doll's house furnishings.

Will Werson Miniaturen, Will Werson, Oude Kleiweg 7, 3043 LD Rotterdam, The Netherlands; e-mail: willwerson@gmail.com, Internet: www.etsy.com/shop/willwersonminiaturen - Wickered furniture and baskets, DIY-wicker material and costumes on mannequins, specialised in Scottish kilts

NEW: Winni’s Puppenhaus Museum, Winfried Gärtner, Paradiesgasse 16, 63512 Hainburg, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)6182 5188 und (0)1577 23 87691, e-mail: info@puppenhaus-museum.de, Internet: www.puppenhaus-museum.de – Information table for the presentation of the Doll's House Museum

Natasja Woord, Wijk 7-15, 8321 VK Urk, The Netherlands; Tel. +31(0)6 3005 8782, e-mail: natasja.woord@gmail.com, Internet: www.instagram.com/natasjawoordminiatures - Handmade miniatures from wool: bears, dolls, toys and mice.

Z (top)
Carla Zandvliet , Kotter 72, 1186 WL Amstelveen, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)20 647 2989, Mobile: +31 (0)6 48 331934, e-mail: carla.zandvliet@ziggo.nl - Exquisite silk flowers, garden and seasonal decorations for Easter and Christmas.